Saturday, December 19, 2015

Testing with Ansible

IEEE Spectrum has recently posted an article about Yahoo resigning from the QA team. After that maneuver quality of the final product not only didn't degrade but actually improved. Of course, if we delve deeper into the article we will realize that the products got better after continuous delivery introduction (image credit to and the QA team wasn't entirely to blame. However, that's a clear signal to old school testers that programming/scripting skills are now necessary.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Blog update

Hi there :) 

1. I made a new blog which will focus on testing/quality and IT in general (you are here) 

2. I made new blog where I plan to write all books reviews. 

This solution has a few major advantages for my readers: 
- you can read about which you are interested in, i.e. testing is separated from book reviews 
- you can add me on so you won't even have to open the blogs 
- black letters, white background, and intuitive UI improve user experience 

I hope you like it!