Thursday, July 14, 2016

TestOps - missing piece of puzzle

Some time ago in my do/don't recommend I encouraged you to take care of your testing environment and learn orchestration tool like Ansible. Somewhere between writing automated tests and implementing Continuous Delivery, I came across interesting concept popularised by Seth Eliot - TestOps. Even though Richard Bradshaw didn't like the name I really think there is something smart in this concept. By googling the name I found a great paper which says:

Saturday, July 2, 2016

RESTful API Testing with Rest-Assured (1)

Before I start writing about API testing let me announce the big news. I released all my Selenium related Java code snippets on the Github Awesome Testing project. I will update it with every new technical post (including this one - the Rest-Assured tests were already pushed here). You can follow it and just type 'git pull' to get the latest code updates. From my experience, it's always better to check how things work with IDE/Maven support.